Why join our affiliate program?


We understand that being an affiliate is important to content creators, so we choose vary carefully the identity  we portray on our website and social media be conscious of the greater gaming community. We also choose marketing, we know and understand that success comes from mutually beneficial partnerships. We protect partners from on-site tools and other activity that can cannibalize your traffic using ‘soft-cookies’.

At Red Riot Games, we know that our success comes from a positive relationship from those who support us. Our goal is to keep our affiliates safe when using our site. We protect your information from being stolen through the use of our on-site tools.


We will also give out RRG promotional material to help channels with giveaways for their desired games. This includes playmats, sleeves etc with RRG logo and custom art.


What can I earn as a Red Riot Games partner?


Our partners' benefits do not have any limit for how much they can earn. Your purchases generate a percentage of the product's value. CPA payments cannot be made for rejected or canceled sales. We make sure to stay up to date for every transaction to make sure you get your money back. Any delays that will occur are during the returns period. 

      We don’t pay out a CPA on rejected or canceled sales but everything else we pay! We also don’t have a limit to what our partners can earn, the sky's the limit! Every sale you generate you earn a percentage of the product value. We regularly check transactions and ensure our payment models are as fast as possible, the only delay is during our returns period.


      • How Much do Affiliates get paid?

      The commission rate is 5% of any purchase directly referred to RedRiotGames.ca. Affiliates can expect to get paid out no less than $100 CAD accumulated on our affiliate account. Meaning purchases made via the provided link will be given to a affiliate for any purchase made when you're the last referrer associated to that user.


      • What restrictions do I have as a Red Riot Games partner?
      We do not allow paid advertising for our brand name, including derivatives or misspellings. However, if you feel that paid advertising would add value to your offering, you can contact our team. We can offer this, but only after thorough consulting with our partners. 

        • Get in touch!
        If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at store@redriotgames.ca
          Address 265 Queen Street South, 4,
          Mississauga, Canada, L5M 1L9
          Phone Number 6472287468

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