At the time of your purchase/checkout, you are agreeing to our terms of service, as well as all policies listed on our site. 

All singles sales are final. 

Singles orders cannot be cancelled by customers. 

We will offer free shipping to any TCG singles orders over $100.00 spent. 

If your order contains exclusively TCG’s and meets or exceeds $100.00, before shipping charges and taxes and is not paid for by store credit, the order will receive free shipping. 


Should Store Creditbe issued to a customer for any reasons (Buylist, Trade, etc) it is not refundable and it cannot be transferred or converted to another payment method if necessary. 

Store Credit can only be placed under the account of someone over the age of 18. If someone under the age of 18 asks to trade cards in for Store Credit, they must bring a legal guardian and the account will be made in their parent or guardian's name. Otherwise, we will not accept trades from those under 18. 


All trades must be submitted through our website buylist. 

Click on the appropriate TCG category for the cards you want to sell. You can locate the specific card you are looking through by using the search bar in the Buylist page. By using key phrases - such as a partial name of a card you are trading - you can generate a list with only your relevant keywords. 

This filter can be expanded by the colour/type, expansion, foil/non-foil and rarity. 

The current price will be listed beside each card. When you locate the card, review the quantity you wish to sell and click the ‘add’ button. You can review your Buylist cart at any time and you can update the quality of a card you are selling/remove a card by reducing its number to ‘0’.


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